[wpcol_1quarter id="" class="" style=""]Aunt May (a Classic Gammill quilt machine) lives on her porch at The Anchorage B&B. Where does ther name come from? When Lin was a child, one of her favorite places to visit with her mother’s sister. Aunt May had a lovely porch with a view, hanging baskets … and cold lemonade! [/wpcol_1quarter] [wpcol_1half id="" class="" style=""]Gammill quilting machine[/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1quarter_end id="" class="" style=""]Remembering those wonderful days inspired Lin to name her quilting machine after this aunt and the studio, naturally, became “Aunt May’s Porch!”[/wpcol_1quarter_end]

[wpcol_3quarter id="" style=""]Lin and Aunt May help folks finish up those quilt tops. Besides quilting for customers, Lin also sells quilts, makes quilts for charities and occasionally gets to quilt something for herself.[/wpcol_3quarter]

[wpcol_1quarter id="" style=""]alice's quilt[/wpcol_1quarter] [wpcol_1quarter id="" style=""]Quarter Column[/wpcol_1quarter] [wpcol_1quarter id="" style=""]Quarter Column[/wpcol_1quarter] [wpcol_1quarter_end id="" style=""]Quarter Column[/wpcol_1quarter_end]